'w/hole (shield)' 2002
cut pleather, 2-sided: bronze/black
presented in the window of Galerie Tanya Rumpff Haarlem
for the solo '[MUMBAG! leven in de zoogdieromhelzing](/Zoogdiersolo)' 2002
(MUMBAG! life in the mammalian embrace)

a peeping hole for you, the spectator
one hole for you, my little ones
one hole for you, my love

in the window cases alongside of it, to the left:
'[navel in the mirror](/Navelinthemirr)' 2001 (photo), and to the right:
'[slit](/Slit)' 1998/2002 (digital print)

related work: '[wearing X-pand to hold you](/Wearingx)' 2002
another mumbag work: '[expand](/Expand)' 2001/2002 (animation)
or 'PoortVrouw' 2007 (cut vinyl)