view of the presentation at the Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam 1999
on my return from my one-year stay in Japan
where i worked in CCA Kitakyushu with a grant from the Fonds
in the foreground '[cutdresscutphoto(green)](/Green)' 1999
on the computer, the reactive '[whiteboard writings](/Whiteboardwrit)' 1999,
on the video: my animations inbetween a cacaphony of Japanese advertisements
in the background: 'navel' and 'cutblouse (yellow)' 1999 on the stand

contemporary work: '[JIN kanjis of body and mind](/Kanji)' 1999
[artists' pages for CCA Kitakyushu participants catalog ](/CCApages) 1999
next solo show : [SOLDES SOLILOQUI SOLO#2](/Ssolo2) at galerie Tanya Rumpff 2000