'nik�' 1992
synthetic satin and wire
about 60 x 70 x 50 cm on the wall
made during the Prix de Rome Sculpture working period
the bridal satin cut
to expose an open belly
the posture based on an advert for jeans and
the classic Nike of Samothrace
photo by Luc de Nijs

a contemporary but opposite work: '[balling](/Balling)' 1992 (clay) / and half-opened: '[blindfold](/Blindfold)' 1992 /
another carrier piece: '[my neck my back curve silently](/Myneckmyback)' 1993 (clay and wax) / '[pude](/Pude)' 1994 (satin and wire) / '[Petrified Nik�](/PetrifiedNike)' 2012 /