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'Kleider Machen Kunst' - duo exhibition 2011
with my works and those of Reinhold Engberding in the Gerhard Marcks Haus Bremen
overview of the main hall of the museum with in the center my 'revolving in this sheath of (im)possibilities' 2011, ceramic
in the room at the far end you see a glimpse of some sculptures by the museum's founder, Gerhard Marcks - positioned this way as part of the exhibition by Reinhold and me

in the Neue Hall of the Gerhard Marcks Haus Bremen on the floor my 'CirkelVrouw in CirkelVeld' 2009-2011 along with other works by Reinhold Engberding

related exhibitions: 'X-pose (your self to me)' 2001 (textile and wood), ' Toeschouwer I' 2008 (satin) / 'Manifold Mumbag&fragments of the white visions' 2006 / 'Kooi/Käfig' 2013 solo in K' strich Bremen / 'All attitudes, all shapeliness, all the belongings' 2014 solo /

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