'target' 2006
gauze, here in the solo 'IN/DIFFERENCE'
at Galerie Tanya Rumpff Haarlem, 2006
on the left, the audio piece '[in solitude](/Insolitude)' on headphones, in front: '[MADRAS](/Madras)' 2004
in the back:

'Party Animal' 2005/6
stuffed synthetic textile, about 2m40 x 1m70 x 0m70 (variable)
collection: Stedelijk Museum Schiedam NL

a series of A0 copies of small-scale drawings,
on the left: 'gemolken' 2004 (original pencil A4)

other works in this solo: 'puzzelvrouwen' 2006, the animation '[NEXT](/Next)' 2000-2006 and the spoken text-piece '[in solitude](/Insolitude)' 2000
the invitation: the text-drawing '[IN/DIFFERENCE](/INDIFFERENCEtext)' 2001-2006