view of the group show 'Home Sweet Home' 2003
which investigated the taking into use of a new exhibition space
at the Glaspaleis, by the Stadsgalerij Heerlen NL
curated by Jurriaan Benschop and Patricia van der Lugt
with, amongst others,
a spatial colour plan on the columns by Franck Bragigand,
comments on the collection gathered and stuck on the floor above the depot by Wapke Feenstra

a text work by Bibo questioning (the making of) 'home'
and a work in the 'claiming space series' by me:
'claiming space (to shelter you)' 2003
transparant self-adhesive foil (one or 2 or at one point 3 layers)
stuck on the 15m glass pane window.

another 'claiming space' work: '[claiming space (for feeding you)](/Feedingspace)' 2001