view of my contribution to the exhibition 'FAMILIE' in 2006
Robin Kolleman asked me, Maria Roosen and Gijs Assman
as her 'family members' in this show in TENT.
like in a family get-together, each of us was free to invite 'partners', which we all did.
i invited Lisa Couwenbergh and Andr� van de Wijdeven in my rooms
here from left to right: a painting by Lisa, Andr�'s white work, Lisa's floor piece and my cut foil '[passageway](/Passageway)' 2002.

with Andr�, I made the work 'Kutschatje Omhelzing' 2006: his sculpture 'Kutschatje' carried by my 'Omhelzing' (embrace)

in the central room (Plein), group action resulted in a clash of works

also present were: '[roseclotH](/RoseclotH)' 2005 (textile), '[recht/tense](/Rechttense)' 1993 (plaster)
'you inside of me inside of you' 2005/2006 (cut carpet and vinyl), 'Hope'1998 (textile) and '[zusjes](/Zusjes)' 1994 (clay).