'Manifold Mumbag & fragments of the white visions' 2006
for this solo presentation in the Project Room of Stichting De Pont Tilburg NL
i made the 'Manifold Mumbag': a satin enclosure, pink and purple on the outside, white within.
in the back of the space, behind the rigid plastered textile partitioning, a soft voice
reciting [fragments of the white visions](/Fragmentsofwhitevisions),
excerpts of my artist novel '[S./The Bearer of STATE](STATE/)' 2012

other textile installations: '[bed satin tangle](/TanglePeyron)' 2005 / '[fragmented body double](/FragmentedBodyDouble)' 2014 (Collectie Opdracht for Nederlands Textielmuseum) / '[Misamee](/Misamee)' 2015 /
other mumbag works: '[baby loook at me](/Babylookatmetek)' 2002 (drawing), '[MADRAS](/Madras)' 2004 (textile),