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Karin Arink

from 1987 (my 2nd year at art school) i love to collaborate in many (at times interdisciplinary) projects.
i enjoy the exchange and i am fascinated by the process of collaboration: how ideas and words spark off new ones,
by a mixed recipe of miss-understandings, picking up someone else's ideas and taking them further, respect and self-positioning.
the self expands and dilutes, your own ideas are visibly touched by the others'
and the energy this exchange generates enables the collaborators to embark on more complex projects.
my artistic practice comprises both this shifty collaborative process and a more solitary research into states of self

overview of the collaborative projects:

2013 'B.a.d To The Future Now!' event to celebrate the legalisation and renovation of the building in Charlois and the start of a new B.a.d - opening with lecture series, party with artists' contributions, exhibition Site Specific Squat by B.a.d guest Heena Kim with a.o. my works in situ

2011 for the exhibition Kijker in Beeld in Pulchri Studios Den Haag : with Renée Kool performance and video [OnePiece Remake](/OnePieceRemake), camera Erik Weeda

2010 for Museum Nacht in Goethe Institut Rotterdam, with Sae Inukai the performance '[Stories To Tell Each Other](/StoriesToTellEachOther)'

2010 for Kunsteyssen Alkmaar: with Niki van Strien we proposed a group show A Stroke of Insight, with Dwight Marica, Laurien Dumbar and Geogio Bachtsevanidis

2009 in a church in De Wijk, Arie de Groot and me made an installation, on invitation of 'Grensloos Kunst Verkennen Ijhorst'

2009 for Het Plafond (run by Guus Vreeburg and Willem Besselink) i made an installation in collaboration with Ties Ten Bosch

2009 Gerard Polhuis invited me to install some of my drawings and the multiple X-cut 2008 in his installation for Galerie Tanya Rumpff at ArtBrussels

2009 together with Marleen Hartjes, Marieke Olislagers, Ilse Melis and Jalila Essaidi we made the group show JEUK at KunstpodiumT

2008 the monograph Karin Arink - States of Self is the result of an intense collaboration with artist (and long-time friend) Bibo

2006 for the exhibition 'FAMILIE' me and Andre van de Wijdeven made the work '[Kutschatje Omhelzing](/Familie2006)'

2005 B.a.d To The Future! continues: i wrote the text for the leaflet visualising our plans with the building, developed with Fluxes architects Rotterdam.

2004 co-curating the show 'tintelingen' (stimuli form self-images <-> images tickle ideas)
at EMC and Erasmus University Rotterdam with C. Ampt and R. Kolleman.
various locations at the Medical Faculty and the University; opening 1/10/04
participating artists: myself, Diana van der Harst, Annemarie Nibbering, Hatice G�lery�z, Harmen Verbrugge and Robin Kolleman.

from 1995- now: various projects as member of [Foundation B.a.d](/Foundationbad)
most recent: 'B.a.d to the Future!' and SWAFB003 (redeveloping the inner area in collaboration with the neighbours)

2002 [Platland Nieuw Charlois](/Platland)
Programme of 8 workshops for children age 6-12 from the neighbourhood of Charlois, commissioned by Charlois' Welzijn, Rotterdam, NL.
Every workshop, a different aspect of the concept: 'a place of your own' resulted in a different element in a specific technique. After the workshop, the elements were transformed into another dimension. These elements together construed the imaginary new neighbourhood: Platland Nieuw Charlois. Collaboration with 4 fellow- members of Foundation B.a.d: Jitka Andrea, Bibo, and Kamiel Verschuren.

2002 improv night in Jen Metz' installation at Ruimte X Tilburg: text-improvs reacting on her work

2001 ‘[Bump!](/Bump)’
reactive work to access 21 animations, made in collaboration with Arthur Clemens. Commission for Revalidatiecentrum De Vogellanden, Zwolle. Coached by SKOR, Amsterdam

1999 '[whiteboard writings](/Whiteboardwrit)': CD-rom, accessing whiteboard animations made in CCA Kitakyushu Japan 1998-1999, made in collaboration with Arthur Clemens > [reactive works](/Reactive)

1998 ‘Crash Landing Lisboa': It’s about time’, improvisation project by Meg Stuart & co in Lisbon, P: contributed costumes / actions / textimprovs.

1997 ‘KLAM’, dance/theatre piece with Arhtur Clemens, Liorah Hoek, Mio van der Lijn: danced, co-choreographed and co-designed the costumes

1996 member of 'NEsTWORK', one of the participating artists’ groups of Manifesta 1., Rotterdam. I contributed to the complex network of projects initiated by 'NEsTWORK', coordinated the ‘My House : Your Home’ project in the B.a.d Foundation, and I co-composed ‘Going Places’: a series of multi-media evenings that focussed on experiences of place.

1996 on one of the Going Places nights, dialogue/inter-reaction between me and Karin Spaink > Links_

1995 I composed a group show, WITHINSIGHTS, at the Villa Alkmaer, Rotterdam. Participating artists: Karin Arink, Bibo, Manon de Boer, Arthur Clemens, Liorah Hoek, Annemarie Nibbering, Paul Klemann. I wrote the accompanying text and co designed the invitation

1995 ‘alles is in orde’ (everything’s allright), installation consisting of a spatial enclosure made in collaboration and pieces by Annemarie Nibbering and myself, in Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem

1994 ‘Oefening in Hardheid’, dance/theatre duet performed by myself and Liorah Hoek, for which I also did the costumes

1993 ‘Murw speelt Geplette Smaak’, text-based slightly absurdist dance/theatre piece directed by Liorah Hoek, in which I was one of the 7 performers

for furthur dance/theatre/improvs: > Dance_

1987-1989: Pogo: contemporary jewellery/wearable objects in plastics, paraffin, wire, etc,
by Nanette Diks, Esther de Bruin, Annemiek Mion and me, exhibited in gallery in Dordrecht, and shown worn by dancers in Poeldijk and in Delft

1987-1988: member of Antra, artists' discussion group, presentation in Delfshaven 1988